Bachelor seminar – what is it and what is the task?

    The seminar is a course designed to prepare students for writing a bachelor thesis. The first seminar usually takes place in the last year of study. This is the optimal time to familiarize the student with the principles of good writing. Students usually choose this seminarian themselves to help them during the preparatory period. Sometimes it is also the promoter himself, with whom the bachelor thesis is written, or a reviewer who also has extensive knowledge and can advise the student. The seminar takes place every week. They can be two or three hours, and in some directions even more. These classes are extremely important because without participating in them, the student may lose any chance of independently writing a bachelor thesis.

    The seminar allows you to acquire knowledge, skills, discussions, and exchange opinions. During the seminars, students receive the tasks of writing papers, presentations, articles to be an attempt at writing forces. Through active participation in these classes, the student learns, among others how to write a diploma plan. This is because it causes many problems for students, and it is, after all, the starting point for the whole scientific study. At the seminar, the student will also learn what elements should be included in the bibliography for the diploma thesis and what its structure and meaning is. The topic of the seminar is conditioned by the internal regulations of the university and often the strategy of teaching the promoter himself. In any case, they are conducted in terms of proper preparation of the student for the implementation of his individual subject. During the seminar, the student can create a large part of his bachelor’s degree because he consults with a supervisor who advises, checks and talks on an ongoing basis. If the promoter sees the student’s involvement, then his / her help becomes bigger and bigger. The leader of the seminar usually specializes in a specific field, therefore his choice must be considered. The lecturer conducting the seminar becomes a mentor for the student on the latter line during a long educational process. Diligent participation in classes, sincere willingness to work and active exchange of opinions with the supervisor will allow more than one student to get an answer to the question of whether to study and write a diploma thesis.