How to write a summary of the article?

    How is the abstract helpful in writing a job?

    The abstract of the article is intended to help the reader to get acquainted with the essence of its content. Above all, it will encourage the reader to read this publication.

    In order for a person to reach for an article, it must be valuable, needed, and useful to him. Therefore, the summary should be concise and provided with keywords. It is important that it is objective. This is not a review aimed at criticism.

    In the summary, it is necessary to include information strictly concerning the content of the article. They should occur chronologically in the same order. It is not advisable to copy any sentences, but all content, statements should be different, created by the author anew.

    For the sake of an affordable form, it is best to use short sentences, simple ones, without excessive combining. Writing such summaries is also helpful to the student during preparation for writing a master’s or bachelor’s thesis. In this case, it is especially useful to analyze the topic, problem and purpose of the article. Similar topics are discussed at bachelor and master seminars.

    In the research methodology of the diploma thesis, such aspects as achievement of the research goal, results of the research, method of solving the research problem are useful, which the student taught will help achieve the goal. Writing an abstract of the article and its analysis is the starting point for arranging an important element of the scientific elaboration which is the bibliography for the diploma thesis. Thanks to the use of such simple procedures as summarizing scientific articles, it becomes easier to write a bachelor’s thesis or another diploma thesis.