Master’s thesis – what length should it have?

    Among the most common questions about the length of the master’s thesis, there are also the number of pages, the way of writing it, make sense and not be too short. There are also questions about the lower and upper limits of its length.

    Writing a master’s thesis requires certainly more pages than in the case of previous student studies. However, this is a much easier process, because it was preceded by these earlier years of learning and gaining the writing experience. With this elaboration, no technical, editorial or substantive rules are changed. Permanent elements include writing a work plan, arranging a bibliography for work, inserting footnotes. Only the length of the master’s thesis is difficult because it usually has to be much larger than a bachelor’s or engineer’s degree.

    The standard length of this type of study is from 30 to 60 pages, but it depends on the guidelines of the university, the dean’s office, the promoter’s requirements.

    Sometimes the volume of the master’s thesis is dictated by the specificity of the topic. Here, it is necessary to consider a more complicated problem, place more sources, create both theoretical and research chapters. Master’s thesis can reach up to 100, but it will not be surprising if we meet even twice as long studies. It all depends on the student’s commitment, his ambitions, and the expectations of the promoter himself. When writing a master thesis, the focus should be on exhausting the subject. The most popular works of this type have 50 or 60 pages. It should be remembered, however, that the promoter has a final sentence in this regard. He accepts and approves the work, therefore you should consult his writing plans for the Master’s degree with him.

    Writing works of any kind is preceded in each case by an analysis of literature and the creation of a plan. In this situation, he usually has four chapters, that is, two theoretical, one methodological and one research. Assuming that each of them will be written on 15 pages, a total of 60 will be obtained. To this number should be added the introduction, ending, bibliography, censuses, annexes, indexes, lists and we have a full master’s thesis. If the issues discussed here are unclear, it is worth reaching for another article from this blog, where exactly was explained how to prepare for writing a job.